The first rule of appealing editors’ publication decisions: nobody talks about appealing editors’ publication decisions.

Thank you very much for submitting your manuscript entitled “I spent the last three years working on this” for consideration as an article in Schmience. As with all papers reviewed by the journal, yours was assessed and discussed by the Schmience editors, an Academic Editor with relevant expertise and by independent reviewers. Based on the reviews, I regret that we will not be pursuing this manuscript for publication at Schmience.We were interested in your study, which took three years of your life. While this analysis will certainly be of interest to those in the field and is well-written, the Academic Editor is not persuaded that it is suitable for Schmience. As you will see from the reviews, the reviewers both value the research question and are positive about some aspects of the manuscript. However, they both have rather fundamental concerns. Reviewer 1 notes that your research does not allow for enlightening results, and they question the assumptions made and their real-life relevance. Reviewer 2 has related concerns regarding some of the assumptions. Given these comments, combined with initial editorial concerns regarding conceptual advance, the team of editors has concluded that the study cannot easily be revised in such a way as to satisfy the reviewers’ concerns and present the strength of insight we must require to meet our rigorous criteria. I am sorry that we cannot be more positive on this occasion.

The reality of appeals in academic publishing

The consequences of living in the wild west of appeals

  1. Exacerbated inequalities between male and female scholars.
  2. Exacerbated inequalities between senior and junior scholars.

Where to from here?



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Leo Tiokhin, PhD

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