A simple python script to save you time when choosing a movie.

The movie data

Snapshot of the input data. The basic approach is to keep a spreadsheet with the movies you’d like to watch, along with some information like the length, year released, IMDB rating, genres, and language. Another approach could be to use an existing movie list (or extract information from IMDB database) and then update the below code to include the attributes in that spreadsheet. A sample spreadsheet is available at this GitHub repository.

The movie-picker code

Full code is available on my GitHub page or at ray.so.

A trial run

Trial run of the movie picker. Input criteria were a movie that was less than 180 minutes long, came out between 1980 and 2022, had a minimum IMDB rating of 6, had drama as one of it’s genres, and was in English. The movie picker recommended “Antigone”. I then indicated that I was not happy with the selection. The movie picker then randomly selected a movie again, which happened to be “There Will Be Blood”.




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Leo Tiokhin, PhD

Leo Tiokhin, PhD


Research and data scientist slowly crawling from academia to industry. I like honest people. Learn more at https://www.leotiokhin.com/