Is scientific reform heading in the right direction? A call for contributions.

A call for contributions on the consequences of the scientific reform movement

  • Historical and philsophical articles
  • Opinion pieces
  • Articles communicating insights from other fields
  • New data
  • Empirical syntheses
  • Formal theoretical models
  • Unintended consequences
  • Tipping points in complex systems
  • Second-order responses to changing incentive structures
  • Insights from innovation sciences and cultural evolution about cumulative knowledge accumulation
  • Excessive use of scientific resources (on e.g., open access in high-profile journals)
  • Gaming open science
  • Improved methodological rigor being circumvented novel Questionable Research Practices
  • Mindless check-box scientific practices
  • Issues with measuring scientific progress
  • The effects of reforms on scientific creativity

Practical Information

Special Issue Editor-in-Chief

Guest Editors




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Leo Tiokhin, PhD

Leo Tiokhin, PhD


Research and data scientist slowly crawling from academia to industry. I like honest people. Learn more at